Chairman Message



From our humble beginnings since 1993 when my wife and I started this business as a Malaysian distributor for an European wood care product brand, we have since grown our business to become one of Malaysia’s premier wood and stone care product manufacturers with our own formulations under the Otter brand.

In recent years, we have also diversified and expanded our product formulation range into the leather and car care categories, as well as groomed in-house technicians to provide high-quality services for reparation and restoration of wood, stone, leather and car materials for both end consumers and corporate customers.

It is our vision to be able to provide end-to-end services for our customers from product supply as manufacturers, to constructors, as well as servicing partners; by utilising our original product formulations and service expertise as the core value of what we can offer. By doing so, we can ensure that it will help our customers reduce cost, maintain their valued belongings, and provide ultimate service satisfaction.

Within the next decade, we also envision to strengthen the supply of our 100% made in Malaysia, environmentally-friendly products on a global level. As of now, our products have been distributed by our agents in Guangzhou-China, French Polynesia, Hong Kong, Maldives, Mauritius, Singapore, Thailand, United Arab Emirates (Dubai/Qatar), and Vietnam.

We believe that whilst the market for wood, stone, leather and car care may be niche markets in itself, there is still high demand for products like ours in Otter for both the end consumer and corporate markets. Maintenance, servicing and restoration of valuable materials like leather, wood and stone with environmentally-friendly products also positively impacts our natural environment. By providing a method to satisfactorily and safely preserve these materials, we can, for example, hope to support the reduction of deforestation activities across the globe moving forward.

In our goal to become one of the world’s most innovative companies in our industry, we are constantly sharpening our skills, investing into research and development, and improving ourselves on all fronts within our organisation. It is our mission to have Otter recognised as a leading, environmentally- conscious, global market brand offering premium products and services in the leather, car, wood and stone care categories. We hope you enjoy using our products!

To success,
Otter Lim Eng Lee